Moving, Blogs, and Jobs!!!

So I had a Video blog about 3 years ago and i was very devoted to it. Nobody watched it but i didn’t care. I loved it. I’m here now to start a new blog. I have been through a lot in the last three years. I want another chance and a place where i can express myself with out my boyfriend sneaking around my room looking for a journal so he can know what I am thinking.I dont care if he reads i But im not going to tell him i have it.Iv been thinking lately that we need to get the hell out of this house. If you read the about me section. I am 22 years old living in a household of 6 with my boyfriend, my father and mother, my brother and lil cousin. Im tired of trying to be quite when having sex or fighting for the bathroom or washing machine. Im tired of not being able to smoke whenever i want because my parents are around and dont approve. Im really tired of not having a place to call my own and HOME. Im ready for us to move. My boyfirend and I want to move out together. but i have to find a job first. UGH! Help!!!


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