Running out of patience and out of time!

Im tired. More like and sick and tired. I feel like im always the one putting forth the effort in our relationship and Andrew puts forth all the anger. Oh my gosh and i am so sick and tired of My BFF complaining about her f@$#^n relationship. She doesn’t realize it but she has it really good. She has a boyfriend who loves her. They fight but every couple fights. She has a place of her own and doesn’t have to answer to anyone her grandmother pays her rent. Her father pays all of her other bills and she complains because her boyfriend wants to spend a little time with his friends. Im tired of it and really upset like i said before and it may seem like im complaining about my life but i am a full time student with no job living with my boyfriend brother little cousin mom and dad. We all maybe make 50,000 a year together! Im tired.I want a place of my own and i sure as hell don’t mind paying for it. Ugh. I just have to sit and listen. I have to be a good friend. I have to endure. I don’t have many girlfriends. or friends in general. All of my friends are guys and they are not even close! I want to scream!


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